How To Use Illuminate Me Brush

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Illuimnate Me includes a wide buffing end that is ideal for blending liquid foundation and setting your base with powder. Use the soft white tapered end to apply highlighter to illuminate all of your natural features - cheeks, tip of the nose, chin and decolletage. 

How To Use

1. Use the wide buffing end of the brush to apply your foundation starting at the center of the face blending outwards around the nose, eyebrows and jawline. 

2. Use the soft white tapered end to apply powder, highlight to the cheeks, chin and tip of the nose. Lastly Use the soft white tapered end to set your T-zone for ultimate dewy skin look. 


Professional Tip

The synthetic bristles mimic natural hairs which means it will pick up powders perfectly but wont absobr liquids, hence saving product.